Who We Are

Time School

Recognised by the Govt of Tamilnadu. Reg.No: 026-M-004-0516

TIME Matric HR. SEC. School

Lessons that your children carry for the life

Established in the year 2006, our journey started with this motto. Today, we have scored 1500+ students, 90+ staff, and very good reputation in the city. We teach our students both Islamic and Secular education to be successful in both the worlds. Our school welcomes spirtually with the stupendous masjid. The school adminstration is dedicated to cater the needs of parents and students all time. The adminstrative block is well-structured to help parents to meetup with their queries.

Our school celebrates Sports Day, Annual Day, Arabic Day and Food Festival. We encourage students to involve in cultural activities, game based IQ improvement activities. We teach Silambam, Yoga, Emergency Aid training. An array of Arabic teachers help ensure the students get proper Islamic studies, mandating prayers on time during school hours. To improve the teaching quality, we promise to conduct teachers orientation programs. Recently, we have inaugurated Thulir, a phonics lab for students from LKG upto V standard.

Our school follows three curriculum - Kindergarten Curriculum, Primary Curriculum, Secondary Curriculum.

Our Location

Our school is situated in Tirunelveli District, an Oxford of South India. It is located 6KM towards south from District Headquarters, and 7KM from Palayamkottai.

What We Do

Nuturing the children with value based education.
Promoting language and cognitive skills.
Enabling the students to build social & emotional character.
Providing the students with social awareness & responsibilities.
Providing the children with holistic development

Lab Facilities

Integrated Science Lab

  • Modernized Science Lab
  • Well maintained instruments
  • Constructed with safety precautions
  • Comfortable seating arrangements

Phonic Lab

Well maintained Phonic Lab for practising listening, language skills

Computer Lab

Well maintained Computer Lab

Bus Facility

  • Highly Experienced Teachers
  • Stupendous Masjid
  • Integrated Science Lab
  • Phonic Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Spacious Class Rooms